Churchill Upgrade - Dressed Lobsters

Churchill Upgrade - Dressed Lobsters

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The freshest and most succulent lobster in the UK 
2 x 700g cooked and dressed lobsters (native when in season) 

Special delivery £12
Order deadline: 28 February
Delivered: 4 March 
The shellfish will be prepared to order and arrive in a fully chilled and insulated box 
In the delivery notes at checkout please advise a ‘leave safe’ location 
Please note that orders from different suppliers will be charged individually and arrive separately  

Limited availability - pre order to avoid disappointment 

To dress your lobster, we take the cooked lobster, remove the claws, cut the body half lengthways and remove the inedible bits. 
The claws are cracked open, the knuckle and claw meat are removed and placed on top of the lobster. 
It is then carefully packed and vacuum-sealed, so it arrives the next day as fresh and tasty as possible.
Please note that the above weights are approximate and are based on the weight of the lobster while alive. 
A dressed lobster will weigh less as we have removed the meat from the claws and discarded the claw shell.

Your cooked lobster should be kept in the fridge and enjoyed within three days.